First Press Release

On May 6th, the first meeting of the Kasthamandap Purnanirman samitee was held at Ward 23 office under the chairmanship of Rajesh Shakya, MP, Province 3. The committee passed the “Adhar Patra” or “Guiding Principles” that will be the foundation of the reconstruction of Kasthmandap. Based on the “Adhar Patra”, organizational structure, secretariats and sub- committees were formed. The details of which have been provided below.

The wooden structures that belong to Kasthmandap has been stored in four different locations. At the Daak Chuka inside Hanuman Dhoka (sorted wood from Kasthmandap and which are covered under tarps), inside Gaddi Baithak (along with mixed together with other wooden structures from other fallen temples and monuments, and currently unprotected from elements), near Kal Bhairav and near NavYogini temple, also known as Shiva Parvati temple. We will be moving the wooden

elements inside the district police office station at Hanuman Dhoka phase wise. The wooden elements will be protected from natural elements and will be protected from theft.

The first phase of protecting the wood has been scheduled for Baishak 27th, 28th 29th (May 10th, 11th and 12th). We will be mobilizing volunteers and will be doing an open call for volunteers from the following field – architecture (to draw the wooden structures), photographers (to do a visual story capture), and people who will be doing the heavy lifting and moving of the structures. Please stay tuned for a volunteer call, detailed schedule of the days, and team leads via our facebook page –, and sign up via the google forms. Let us come together to protect the wood from the monsoon rain and reconstruct Kasthmandap.

Kasthmandap Reconstruction Committee Secretariat          

  1. Honorable Rajesh Shakya, Province 3
  2. Tej Ratna Tamrakar
  3. Goutom Dongol
  4.  Bivor Lal Shrestha Deputy Secretary


Kasthmandap Reconstruction Sub-committee. Depending on the need, the sub-committees can be added or reduced     

  1. Office management
  2. Construction
  3. Engineering/ Technical
  4. Information and Communication
  5. Fund raising
  6. Procurement
  7. Community engagement
  8. Logistics
  9. Documentation
  10. Imaging
  11.  Research
  12. Legal Advisory
  13. Arts


Committee Chair

Rajesh Shakya MP, Province 3