About Us

Kasthamandap Purnanirman Samiti (Kasthamandap Reconstruction Committee – KRC) is a citizen led organization to reconstruct the iconic structure of Kathmandu – Kasthamandap that completely collapsed during the 2015 Gorkha earthquake. Kasthamandap or Maru satta was a rest stop for trading caravans and pilgrims passing through the trade route. Around Kasthamandap there are remnants of “Jaru hiti” – water reservoirs made of stones – that provided much needed water to the passing people. Kathmandu – the capital of Nepal – gets its name from Kasthamandap. Vajrayan Buddhists believes it was founded on the principles of Vajrayan Buddhism and was constructed by Lila Vajra – one of the enlightened masters from Kathmandu – using the wood from one tree – Kalpabrikshya. Before the earthquake, Kasthamandap was believed to be a 12th century structure, however post excavation and soil testing by the team from Durham university, Kasthamandap has now been dated to 8th century.

KRC is led by the honorable Member of Parliament of Nepal – Mr. Rajesh Shakya from Province 3, 8 Ka. KRC is guided by the “Adhar Patra” that has been unanimously adopted by every committee member. The document provides the vision document on each aspect of the reconstruction work. We highly recommend each person and entity who wants to work in reconstruction of Kasthamandap and become part of this noble cause to thoroughly study the Adhar Patra.  KRC is committed to the reconstruction guidelines laid out by the government of Nepal via Department of Archaeology. We will work to conserve not only the tangible structure of Kasthamandap, but also conserve the intangible heritage of Kasthamandap.

We realize the structure without the people who respects and loves it, becomes just that – a structure made of building materials that can be found anywhere in the world. While we reconstruct Kasthamandap, we want to also revive and imbibe the ownership, love and respect towards the heritage of Nepal in each person. We believe this is the only way to ensure we can preserve the heritage, its value and what its teachings for the future generations.  We want to preserve the heritage of Nepal not only for its glorious past, but also for the principles it stood, and what it teaches us.

Organizationally, KRC is a multi-tiered structure established to make sure the proper checks and balances and work divisions are in place. Please see “Adhar Patra” for how KRC’s organizational structure.  Honorable Rajesh Shakya leads a team of 55 members from the community in the working committee and chairs the executive committee. The 55 members include the locals from the area, including representatives of the eight guthis that have historically been associated with Kasthamandap. The “Nirdesik Samiti” – steering committee – is led by the mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City – honorable Bidya Sundar Shakya and includes 11 ward representatives and has representatives from UNESCO, National Reconstruction Authority and Department of Archeology. The steering committee is responsible for overall policy setting and making sure the working committee is adhering to the reconstruction, accountability and transparency guidelines.  The “Samrakshyak Samuha” – protection committee – consists of key personalities in Nepal to whom we look up to ensure the entire organization including the steering committee is working as per the norms of reconstruction and inclusion. It is chaired by the “Satabdi Purush” – Mr. SatyaMohan Joshi – the veteran in culture conservation.  The “Bigya Samuha” – expert committee – consists of veteran heritage conservationists and technical experts who guides all the technical aspects of the structure reconstruction. Within the 55 member working committee, there are 13 sub-committees chaired by members from the working committee to ensure proper work division. There is a 5 member executive committee to ensure fast decision making and operational efficiency chaired by the Honorable Rajesh Shakya, the vice-chair of the working committee, the treasurer, the secretary and the vice secretary. Please refer to our team section for all the names and the contact details.

As we pursue in this noble cause of heritage reconstruction, we want to make sure each person who wants to contribute has an opportunity to engage, make meaningful contribution and develop a deep and lasting bond with our heritage. We sincerely request you to review the organizational structure, and write to us how you want to engage, what your skills are, and where you think you fit in. If you are unable to engage on this cause full time, we request you to consider volunteering during the clean-up, wood moving, or writing blogs, or using your artistic skills. We believe there is a space for everyone to use whatever skills you have to make a meaningful contribution. However, please be aware we are bound by our vision document – we are unable to endorse or promote for commercial purpose – any person or entity. Please contact us via this form or via our official email address – contribute@kasthamandapnepal.org.np